Álvaro Díaz Keeps His Fresh Certificate with “La Última Última Vez”

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It’s Thursday, you know what that means: It’s #JuevesDeLvCiudvd and with that a new track from PR stellar emcee Alvaro Diaz.
You already know he is one of the hardest working men in global hip-hop, which makes me wonder if his constant output might make the magic wear off faster. Thanks to “La última última vez” we can feel safe knowing that that’s not the issue here.

In fact, this is one of his best efforts to date, an epic track that feels grandiose but doesn’t feel bloated. Best of all, Álvaro is right at home and slamming it out the park, over and over. A strings-laden beat (courtesy of Kyoshi Reyes) sets the mood while the chorus gets a serious lift from the synth lines and singing choir. On top, Diaz talks about something quite common in human beings: how many times have we said, “This is the last time I’m doing this” only to do it again and again? His stream of consciousness flow keeps things interesting, showcasing his biggest talent. I mean, how many rappers can namedrop Che Guevara, Profesor Girafales, and Mario Domm in the same verse and be a killer?

We can assure you, Álvaro Diaz should carry a permanent fresh certification, and there’s little to stop him from becoming a major force in hip-hop worldwide.