Álvaro Díaz Falls for a Coconut-Addicted Alien in the “Mantecado de Coco” Video

Puerto Rican rapper Álvaro Díaz has made a name for himself when it comes to music videos that step outside the typical hip-hop storylines. In recent clips, he’s gotten himself abducted (check “Groupie Love”) and financially entangled (“Carro Rápido”) in ways that the average rapper would likely avoid. It’s an apt visual counterpoint to his career, in which he’s proved that an artist can be successful even while stepping outside Puerto Rico’s beloved genre of reggaeton.

“Mantecado De Coco,” directed by Armando Rivera, is yet another sidestep. A large one, in fact — fans may puzzle over a clip that shows a Díaz devoted to a jealous, coconut-addicted extraterrestrial with apparent low blood sugar levels. But Rivera’s lo-fi visuals — presented with an opening title card as Blair Witch-style found footage — and Díaz’s sleek Daytona looks combine for a presentation so unique, the rapper’s real stans may not so much care that the clip’s ending is open to interpretation.

One thing is clear: the rapper is riding the wave of his new EP San Juan Grand Prix. His team documented his recent Mexican tour of the project, for those looking to keep track of the victory laps.