Álvaro Díaz Revs the Engine for ‘San Juan Grand Prix’ With Slick New Single “Todo Bien”

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You think you’re ready for Álvaro Díaz’s San Juan Grand Prix? The project drops on December 13, and the rapper’s fans are down for the checkered flag to fall. To rev the engine, he just dropped the latest of a string of preview tracks. “Todo Bien” was produced by Díaz’s Lv Civdvd crew members, Venezuelan brothers Manuel and Felix Lara (aka Lara Project).

The song is a sweetly voiced ode to Díaz’s love of the game, opening and closing with glowing messages from what seems to be Díaz’s mom. He’s clearly on board with the growing hype his work is receiving. Lyrics like “No parar de crear hasta que seamos inmortal” leave little to the imagination when it comes to his plans for the future, as does his self-crowned status as the GOAT in the song’s final verse.

The rising Puerto Rican rapper feels that vibe with the emotive producers, who create dreamy keyboard ascensions to serve as a lover’s canvas for his lyrics here (2015’s collaboration “Ojala” is a similarly effusive track). The new song is slick, crooning, just like prior San Juan Grand Prix teaser “Tortura China” produced by the legendary Luny Tunes.

Díaz is pleased — on Twitter he’s been calling “Todo Bien” one of the best songs he’s ever done, which is probably why he brought mami in to bless the beat. We’re just ready for him to lay some of his trademark dope visuals on the track, preferably a live action version of the babely interaction from the single’s accompanying art.