Álvaro Díaz Toasts to His Haters in the Video for “La Champaña”

Álvaro Díaz has hit us with the music video for his infectious, heavy-hitting track “La Champaña.” The clip finds him rapping in the desert and meeting up with Lv Ciudvd at an abandoned industrial site, all while sipping on a bottle of Clicquot. The video suits the song’s shadowy beats and sinister rhymes.

Lyrically, Díaz shines, showing a much harder side of himself than in his previous work. The Puerto Rican rapper uses adlibs, auto-tuned vocals, and transitions reminiscent of Kanye West and Travis Scott. He switches up his flow à la Scott as well, adding his own twist and showcasing his ability to come correct with metaphor-packed punchlines.

If you haven’t already, peep his most recent EP iLumiLatin Vol. 1 and be on the look out for more from the Puerto Rican powerhouse.