Amenazzy’s New Track With G-Eazy Is a Good Read on Urbano’s Dominance

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of the artist
Photo courtesy of the artist
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In a little over three months, Amenazzy has gone from a high profile romántico duet with Don Omar to this week’s release, “Nadie Como Tú” with rapper G-Eazy, which is premiering today exclusively at Remezcla. The rising Dominican trapero cut a track from one of the genre’s legends to working with a performer located rather firmly outside the urbano universe — an apt expression as you’re like to see of the mileage demanded from a genre star looking to fund a rise to global fame.

Those who’ve clocked Eazy’s past projects with Bebe Rexha and his girlfriend, pop star Halsey, know that the Bay Area-bred rapper is no stranger to unexpected features. G-Eazy is also consistently up front about the connection between his artistic moves and music industry trends. That such an artist has jumped on an urbano track with a verse describing Dominican women’s attraction to him is certainly a metric of-sorts for the current pop culture attraction to Latin trap and reggaeton artists.

The smooth reggaeton-meets-R&B track has an uplifting feel, which makes it a perfect contrast to winter’s upcoming dreary weather. Bonus points to the video’s directors for making Amenazzy’s love interest in the clip a sexy automotive mechanic. Come through, women in the trades!

Watch the video here: