An Army’s Worth of Bikini-clad Ladies Do Aerobics in Salón Acapulco’s “Pomposa”

We’re living in the age of Fandango, the debut full-length record by retromodernists Salón Acapulco. If you haven’t been paying attention, then you’ve been missing the early-Nineties electronic dance pop hits we wish topped the charts back then. Luckily, it’s not too late for you to hop on the bandwagon.

Pomposa” is a visual manifestation of the world the duo has created through sounds, words and graphics. In it, you can see an army’s worth of bikini clad babes performing in aerobics videos and frolicking at the beach as seen through fuzzy, home recorded VHS quality, accompanied by current edge/almost immediately dated post-production special effects. It’s like all the worst videos you taped after school for your entertainment just before going to sleep. And since this is “Pomposa,” there’s plenty of “Baby Got Back” moments for your enjoyment. “Ay qué cosa más linda” indeed.

I’m betting Telesforo and Iñigo’s hearts are just a little bit broken that Raúl Velasco didn’t get to “run the video clip” for the premiere on Siempre En Domingo. Which reminds me, keep an eye out for the Veronica Castro and Daniela Romo “cameos.”