Andrés Landon’s “Pirámide” Video Is a Gory NSFW Love Story

Behind works like Carla Morrison‘s Déjenme Llorar and Mariel Mariel’s soon-to-be-expanded Foto Pa Ti EP, there is Chilean-born, Mexico-based producer and singer-songwriter Andrés Landon, who is about to release his second album Indias via Intolerancia. He just dropped the first single off the record, “Pirámide,” an instant hit where he filters his Latin and African influences into a pop direction. It’s one of those songs that makes you want to get on your feet and dance immediately.

The song also comes with a beautifully gory video, thanks to director Guillermo Llamas Altamirano. Landon sings and plays guitar in the video, comfortably sitting in a chair. But the main characters are actually two dancers who perform an expertly choreographed routine completely naked. They start off precise and pretty, but as the song progresses, things get more and more passionate to the point of violence, eventually becoming a sort of choreographed fight. Then, blood starts pouring, and they go at each other, ripping each other’s skin until they’re torn to pieces. Literally.