Angelica Garcia Remixes Dual Identity Anthem “Jícama” Alongside Charity Initiative To Benefit Immigrant Defense Funds

Lead Photo: Photo by Caitlyn Krone
Photo by Caitlyn Krone
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“I see you, but you don’t see me.” Angelica Garcia’s “Jícama (Con Sal Versión)”, which debuts on Remezcla today, is a tweak to the original track that she released this fall. “I loved the process of reimagining the song with a different beat,” Garcia says in a statement about the song. The remix, with its enforced beat has the feeling of a marching song — and indeed, comes with a clear call to action.

The new beat’s added urgency is appropriate for a song that Garcia composed about an urgent subject. “‘Jícama’ is about not being seen for having a dual identity,” the Mexican-Salvadorean singer from East L.A. says. “When you don’t feel seen, you don’t feel accepted for who you are.” In the songs lyrics, she goes deeper into this concept; “Growing up to view the world from two sides/The Pan-Americana a relentless fight/Bold and beautiful all in spite/Remember this place for the rest of your life.”

“The U.S. is a country made up of people from other countries,” Garcia continues. “This song and video are a love letter to kids who grew up embracing two worlds just like me.”

Garcia has provided those stirred by the music to support immigrant communities with a direct way to help. She’s selling t-shirts in her online store with an image of herself bearing the US and Mexico flags with the words “Wear Your Roots”. Proceeds will go to three regionally active non-profits supporting immigrant families; ¡MIRA! (Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance), El Paso’s Annunciation House, and Immigrant Families Together.

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