“Animación Suspendida II” Is the Definition Of Space Norteño Indie

Better known in the converging circles of Mexican punk and indie for his role as frontman of punk core group Bam-Bam, Monterrey native producer Mou comes back with something new called Animación Suspendida II. This is his duo project with fellow artist Beto Ben, which takes a dive into some sort of psychedelic dance noise trip created through extensive live improvisation and complex looping that is additionally processed live through recording tape for that adds a bit more of mystique and uniqueness to their craft. Their debut Animación Suspendida I, released by recently created Anvs Dei Tapes label, takes the listener through various moods: some danceable, like “Guía de Fat Morita para la meditación transcendental (muerte),” others downright warped and melty such as “Neutrinos Libres”, but all in all it keeps the sound palettes intriguing, and its dance forward approach will keep you listening to what’s next. There’s some sort of weird story being told along the whole thing that involves weird space girls and some nonsense adventure of some sort, and I guess that’s what the video they prepared kind of talks about.

Creepy Groovy Hell” is one of the leading tracks on this work, featuring vocals by local regia singer Karen Reyes, and, to put it in simple terms, it’s one of the poppier songs featured on this release. This kind of witch house indietronic piece tells the story of a pair of characters suited up in space acid norteño gear, wandering around the premises of an abandoned modern pyramid and dancing inside some hippie’s living room for hours on end, something norteños from the psychedelic future do every day.

To top off a great Monterrey indie debut the way it should be done, Mou invited a close friend known for his work in fashion magazines and for being MIA’s personal tour photographer, Jaime Martinez, to work on the art of the release. After going through all the dense textures and ideas of their debut, I’d keep an eye out for Animación Suspendida II from the Mexican indie breakthroughs of this year, it’s definitely worth the trip.