Antoine Reverb Delivers Blues & Dub Influences on Two More Tracks

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We’re already fired up for the release of Antoine Reverb‘s  new material. Cheky has already brought us up to speed on what’s going on with the Guadalajaran band, and talked about the first couple of songs. This time, they share two more songs for our listening pleasure.

“Broken Ribs” is a fresh, bouncy track with plenty of shine on the instruments, yet its shuffling blues rhythm gives us a nice driving force to get moving, similar to some tracks on Belle & Sebastian’s The Life Pursuit. On the other hand, “Die Diego Die” is darker and a shade more melancholic, with elements that can be found in dub reggae (analog delay and instrumental parts affected by off-board effects), yet still retains an upbeat character for the most part. The last section of the track is taken over by a boogie beat and synths.