Guadalajara Quintet Antoine Reverb Are Back With First of Five-Part Album Project

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We last heard from Guadalajara quintet Antoine Reverb almost four years ago when they released they superb second album, Everything is a Foreign Language to Me. A lot has happened since then, including the loss of Andrés Romo as their lead singer, who is now a full time member of The Oaths. For their still-untitled forthcoming album, they decided to shake things up a little and divide it into five installments.

The first one is made up of two songs, “Wolves, and Then Some” and “Gal,” both produced by their own Benjamín Z, and they sound more straightforward than ever in keeping with their psychedelic indie pop aesthetic. On the former, they take a laid back Beach Boys-esque twist, with Benjamín on lead vocals. Then, on “Gal,” their homage to singers Gal Costa and Jorge Ben, vocal duties are shared between him and Cynthia who sing in Portuguese. The song is unexpectedly heavy, but it shows that Brazilian flavor. We can only hope the next four parts arrive very soon.