Arca and Dean Blunt’s Musical Marriage Blossoms on ‘UK2UK’ Mixtape

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After falling in love with Dean Blunt and Arca’s last soothing-yet-disturbing collaboration “Meditations,” we didn’t have to wait long for another joint effort from the duo. Dean Blunt (aka Babyfather) evokes much of the dichotomy of “Meditations” on his latest mixtape, UK2UK, which includes the Arca-assisted “Pagans.”

The free 10-track set is a 30-minute collection that runs the gamut from woozy, surreal sounds to more intense and harrowing beats. It’s also got other cornerstones of Dean Blunt efforts we’ve heard before – namely, vocal samples of impassioned and sometimes irate speeches and conversations.

Arca is one of two credited guests in the set (the other being DJ Escrow), and with these two captivating releases, we hope the musical marriage of the former Hype Williams member and Venezuelan maestro will be one that bears plenty of fruit in the months to come.