Arca’s “Now You Know” Video is a Pyromaniac’s Dream

Arca‘s debut album, Xen, is finally out! And it is everything we wanted it to be. To celebrate its release, Venezuelan producer Alejandro Ghersi just put out the music video for “Now You Know,” once again directed by Jesse Kanda, of course, and it is a blissful feast of explosions in the sky.

A timid amount of fireworks fill up the dark sky, in sync with the few elements that are present in the intro of this video. But then, the beat kicks in hard, and it turns into a gorgeous spectacle, maintaining synchronization with the song, in the same sort of way as found in the (now, oddly, unavailable) “Manners” music video. The camera rotates, speeding up and slowing down along with the song, and flipping upside down, to accentuate its dizzy effect. Right around the middle, when that stuttery synth occupies the center spot, beautiful blue fireworks cover the nighttime skyline like waterfalls of fire. It’s a nice break from the grotesque nature of all of Arca’s latest videos.