Arca Releases A Computer-Generated Vision of His Alter Ego Xen in New Video for “Thievery”

2014: Year of the Booty. That was made very clear after this year’s MTV VMA, but, who would’ve thought that Arca would be a part of this too?

Well, let’s clarify. It’s not just Arca, but also Xen, his inner, non-gender specific alter ego who is the center of his debut album, also called Xen, set to be released next November on Mute. On the music video from the first single off the album, “Thievery,” directed, of course, by Jesse Kanda, his alternate persona appears in the form of a computer generated big-booty entity (you might recognize him/her from the album cover), who dances sensually to the rhythm of the song, one of his most conventional to date, if the description applies. We get to watch a static shot of Xen’s sexy movements throughout the duration of the song. Once again, Arca and Kanda bend perception and freak us out.

Check out the video for “Thievery” below, and prepare yourselves for his upcoming album, and for Bj√∂rk’s next release, for which he is the sole producer (this is MAJOR.)