Arca saturates the spectrum on “Vanity,” featuring NSFW, Instagram-banned Jesse Kanda artwork

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Wait. Does Arca read Remezcla? Last week we wrote about the Venezuelan producer’s watery ambient track “Washed Clean” and asked him to keep the new music coming. Here we are, a week later, and he just uploaded a new track, and it is, as of now, a free download. Wishes come true.

Vanity” is a heavy and very busy track that features some of Arca’s recognizable elements, especially the lead synth sound that rides the whole song, giving feelings to the noisy background. We know there’s a hip hop beat somewhere, but this time he really pushed the envelope sonically, filling the entire spectrum with sound, even making thing going into saturation. It’s a difficult but rewarding listen, but we already know that’s his signature style.

The song is supposed to be featured on a forthcoming 7″, but there’s no more further information. The provocatively NSFW single’s artwork was, once again, made by Jesse Kanda, and it already got them in trouble, since Instagram deleted Arca’s account permanently for violating their terms. Bummer!