Arca Turns the Camera on His Intimate World in the “Vanity” Video

In the music videos he’s released so far from his forthcoming album MutantArca hasn’t held back one bit. While he mainly hid behind the computer-generated image of his genderless alter ego in the visuals from Xen, this time around he’s right in the spotlight, as shown in the videos for “Soichiro” and “EN.”

Now he’s shared “Vanity.” For this clip, he took charge of directorial duties along with his boyfriend Daniel Sannwald, instead of his go-to collaborator Jesse Kanda. It’s not clear if we’re participating in Arca’s world, or whether this video is a portrait of Alejandro Ghersi through his boyfriend’s eyes. Either way, the clip captures a scantily-dressed Alejandro Ghersi in a series of intimate settings. He writhes provocatively in the bedroom, swims in a pool, walks down a dark city street, and even gives us a sexy, vacant stare in the shower right at the end. It’s a departure from his previous two videos in that the images presented here are unaltered. Arca invites us boldly into his world, and we dive right in.

Mutant is out November 20 on Mute.