Onda Vaga Love Them Canines In “Como Un Niño” Video

Dogs everywhere doing their thing. That’s the simple premise behind the latest video by Argentina’s Onda Vaga. They could’ve done a regular video, you know, with the band members lip-synching and acting silly for the camera like everybody else, or they could’ve done a video with children (after all, the song is about feeling like them), instead, for some unexplained reason, they decided to use footage of dogs playing from all over the world.

Surprisingly, it works. After I stopped trying to figure out why the hell they went for canines in their video and I allowed myself to enjoy it while listening to the song, I realized it made a lot of sense with the optimist, feel-good, sunny-day lyrics.

Also, judging by the popularity of pet videos on social networks nowadays, maybe they just came up with a smart gimmick to go viral.