Arufe Teases a Taste of Iberian Swag Off Forthcoming ‘Isla’ LP

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With his futuristic/trap-heavy beats and modern approach to flow in Spanish, Coruña native Arufe is making his way into the ranks of the most relevant MCs of Spain’s new scene, following in the footsteps of MCs like C. Tangana and his Agorazein crew.

In 2015, Arufe is gearing up for the March release of his Isla LP with famed Spanish hip-hop label Arkestra, known for their work with buzzy Spanish figures like BFlecha and Alizzz. On the LP’s preview single “DNA,” Arufe elegantly pads the masterfully crafted future-beats of respected producers Judah and Mweslee with heartfelt lyrics, poetically brought to life in the desert-psychedelic-trip-soul-search music video below.

The sound shares an emotive poliphony with the LP’s second preview track “Manjericao,” which has us looking forward to this forthcoming synthwave, R&B en español-driven effort – (especially considering that it will include collaborations by BFlecha, Kongo Lacosta, and Dotore).

With this tantalizing hint of what’s to come, we can only (strongly) suggest to stay in the loop with Arkestra and Arufe to find out what the rest of Islas is about, because it truly seems to carry a message from the future of Spanish hip-hop with it.