AStridd’s “Beautiful Catastrophe” Is Your High-Brow Spring Jam

There’s no doubt the weather has turned, the slush is behind us, and with the warmer temps and glorious lack of Uggs come the outdoor parties that jam something inexplicably whimsical and sophisticated in the background, with just the right shot of fairy dust. Or tequila. Whatever.

When you’re sipping champagne when you’re thirst-ay, you know you need something that sounds like the DR/Canada tropicalia jazz ying-yang that is “Beautiful Catastrophe,” AStridd’s new single.

The video for “Beautiful Catastrophe” has all of the psychedelic elements of an adult acid trip: cupcakes in the forest, a mysterious Dominican guitarist faun (minus the goat legs), cute short-haired girls with killer voices in doily dresses, and walking into a mirror and ALREADY BEING ON THE OTHER SIDE, MAN. I know. My mind was blown too.

No doubt you’ll want to play the hell out of this and impress your brunch guests. Think of AStridd like Stereolab in a forest blender. Mix smoothly and enjoy.