Astro Shares Lyric Video for Arena-Ready New Single “Druida”

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If there’s a band that knows have to have fun, it’s Astro, the Chilean quartet that rode Chile’s indie-pop wave to South American fame. Now, three years after their self-titled debut, they’re finally releasing music from their their upcoming sophomore record, Chicos de la Luz. The first glimpse they gave us, a track called “Carribbean” released back in March, hinted at a more New Age-y sound, and their latest single “Druida” confirms that Astro is more focused on synth pads than ever. Still, it doesn’t stray too far from the distinctive sound familiar to those who have been listening all along.

Astro shared “Druida” alongside a lyric video featuring hovering figures and the spiritual storytelling vocalist and composer Andrés Nusser is known for. With its playful percussion and delayed, simple chorus, “Druida” is ready to be sung in big arenas – the kind of stages Astro is ready to play after three years of touring for their first album.

Chicos de la Luz is due on July 24 through Nacional Records in the US and Discos Rio Bueno in Latin America, and two singles in, it already seems like a promising continuation to Astro’s strong debut.

You can check out Astro live in NYC and Chicago this week.