Astro Shares New Single “Caribbean,” & Details of their New Age-Inspired Record

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After learning that Astro’s frontman Andrés Nusser produced Alex Ferreira’s new record, we got really excited and immediately afterwards thought: “so what about Astro?”

Well, it seems our prayers questions have just been answered.

Along with their new single “Caribbean,” the Chileans have announced their second LP Los Chicos de la Luz, the follow up to their successful eponymous 2011 debut. The new album and was recorded in their own studio in Santiago except for the drums, which were recorded at RedBull Studios Sao Paulo. The LP will come out in the next few months via Nacional for the US and Discos Río Bueno for the rest of the continent.

The record’s name comes from the mystic belief of the Star Children, human-alien hybrids placed on Earth to help us achieve peace and understanding (and yes, that theory has been featured in an Ancient Aliens’ episode). The record will apparently contain more profound and new agey themes in its lyrics too, featuring references to meditations and spiritual search.

With its own tropical version of the Star Children, Andrés Nusser sings on “Caribbean” about children coming from the sky to dance with the dolphins.

Inspired by Enya’s reverberated “Caribbean Blue” (at this point we’re not shocked), the song kicks off with a dembow-esque beat created with bass and lead synths and quickly moves into the all-catchy, happy-feel, percussion-filled Astro sound many have come to appreciate and love.

The song will be offered as a free download for over a week in Discos Río Bueno’s web, so head over there before it’s too late.