Exclusive - Audri Nix

Puerto Rican Hip-Hop Has a New Rookie: Audri Nix Brings Moody Beats & Bars on ‘El Nuevo Orden Vol. 1’


As a new generation of Puerto Ricans are carving a space for themselves in the worldwide rap scene, women have been overlooked in its evolution. Enter Audri Nix. The 20-year-old Boricua is poised to become the island’s premier woman in rap. In the past year, Nix has dropped back-to-back singles and remixes, stirring interest online and from local hip-hop heads. She first landed on the scene with “1000 MPH,” a smooth, dreamy SoundCloud loosie. That was followed by her remix of 18+’s “Crow,” an eerie, teetering number that now has over 120,000 plays on SoundCloud.

Throughout the past year, the MC has split her time between side hustles and creating her first EP. It’s already paid off; she’s used her social media platforms to promote her singles through a series of successful teaser videos shot by Lv Ciudvd’s Shoury Santana.

So now, after a long wait, El Nuevo Orden Vol. 1 is finally here. The EP recalls hip-hop of an earlier time, when rappers didn’t rely on gimmicks to stand out. With a crisp flow that stays in the pocket, Nix seamlessly weaves through the complex and textured production of Overlord, who crafted every beat on the project.

Overlord’s beats range widely in style, and allow Nix to showcase her versatility as an artist. He creates an industrial, bass-heavy, and aggressive soundscape on one track, only to return with a spacey, atmospheric vibe on the next. For Nix, this works perfectly, as her methodical and compact raps cut through any type of beat Overlord laces.

Together, the two artists make a beautiful team. Each track from this project brings something different to the table, and Nix has cemented herself as a force to be reckoned with in the future.

Here’s a track-by-track breakdown to guide you through El Nuevo Orden Vol. 1:

Punto Decisivo

Overlord’s industrial production meshes well with Nix’s smooth, softspoken vocals. It’s a solid start to the album, and offers a more personal touch to some of the other tracks. From the get-go, we know she’s got something to say and has the lyrical ability to tell her story.



“Inevitable” is a hard-hitting ballad. The almost haunting chorus lifts her up as she sings about making sure her heart doesn’t get broken. Layered vocals and heavy-synths filter in and out, brewing a trippy atmosphere under the emotional bars. During the verses, Nix’s lyrics and flow take centerstage over the subdued beat.


Nix uses this song to show that she’s not simply a rapper, but can shine in other vocal contexts as well. “Contigo” features playful croons and melodic singing. She yearns for her partner, but the feeling may not be mutual.

Chanel Bleu

The second single off the project, “Chanel Blue” is a dark ballad. The sensual production paints a moody picture of what’s to come, but as the beat switches up towards the end of the track, Nix shifts her flow to full-on aggression, foreshadowing the final record of the project.



This previously released track features the hardest hitting beat on the entire EP. A heavy bassline drives the simple production, as Nix warns those who have wronged her and ends the track on a vengeful note. The song showcases Nix’s piercing flow, and with an EP largely about love and loss, it offers a lens into what pushes her to be great.

Audri Nix’s El Nuevo Orden Vol. 1 highlights the young rapper’s wide-ranging talent. She shines through not only as an MC, but also as a singer-songwriter. Carried by themes of melancholy and revenge, the five-track EP serves as a prelude for what’s coming next, and it seems as though Nix awaits a prosperous year. There’s no doubt that Nix has a carefully crafted artistic vision and style – something that sets her apart on the path to success in Puerto Rican and global hip-hop.