Audri Nix Spits Veneno in the Fast-Rhyming First Single off “El Nuevo Orden”

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Spitting hot fiiyah is a thing of the past, spitting veneno is the new thing. Audri Nix holds nothing back in “Veneno,” the first single off her upcoming EP, El Nuevo Orden. With haunting production, provided by Overlord, the Puerto Rican rapper kicks off the track at full-speed. “Les voy a dar de que hablar, para que no inventen.” Needless to say, she wants to get some things off her chest. She clearly warns those who did her wrong that she’s spitting poison all day. It sounds way better when she raps it in Spanish, “como una serpiente, escupo veneno 24/7.” Be on the lookout for more quick-rhyming singles when Audri drops her EP later this year.