Aurelius98 Invites You To Unleash The Rave Within You on “Tres Cargos”

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Not that anybody needed more proof that Chile is one of the world’s biggest hotbeds of music right now, but in case you still had your doubts, here’s another act to look out for. This time, though, instead of pop with retro sensibilities, we’ve got a producer capable of warped and danceable techno tracks.

Aurelius98 is the alias of Alejandro Briones, the co-founder of Cazería Cazador Records along with his producer Matías Contreras a.k.a. Diente De Plata. Both have regularly been performing at parties and gigs in the Santiago electronic scene, some organized by the Rinskitin collective.

“Tres Cargos” seems to vibrate in a nonlinear way, with a pulsating, lo-fi melody and a festive beat giving dancers an excuse to step onto the floor. Briones clearly has the ability to make people go apeshit when they’re dancing. This is evident in his arrangement of the track, which pulls back just a little bit before returning the beat where Briones originally left it. The melodies are futuristic and playful, and everything sounds like bad substances have entered your body without having had so much as a drink.

The track will be part of Aurelius98’s next EP, titled Éxitos En Español, which is slated to see the light of day on September 15. To tide yourself over, press repeat on “Tres Cargos” and unleash the rave within you.