Awwz Shares Ethereal Bass Mixtape Ahead of WACO Fest Performance

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Dream bass exponent Awwz has had a stellar year. So far, she has released brilliant music and has been slowly building a following all over Spain and Latin America with her irresistible beats, droney synth instrumentals, and sweet R&B vocals. With songs like “Awake” keeping listeners on their toes, the anticipation for her set at WACO Music Festival this October in Torreón, Mexico is understandable. Before she drops her sensual science on the live front, she has assembled a mixtape that best reflects what we’ll hear during her set.

Sure enough, the mix is dominated by neo soul vocals, brief excursions into rapping, weird electronica, and downtempo rhythms. Awwz doesn’t go for dynamics or getting things progressively hectic; rather, she builds a mood and expands it until all the the members of the audience’s headspaces are inhabiting a world reflected in her beats and sounds. It’s a party for the mind, heart, and feet, and it’s what makes Awwz an exciting producer. She’ll make WACO feel like a waking dream for the time she’ll have onstage.