Awwz’s “Awake” Just Got Four New Sensual Remixes by Teen Flirt, BSN Posse, and More

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On the heels of the surreal music video for “Awake,” Awwz just dropped a bundle of remixes of her dreamy single, featuring several different producers, including Finesse Records labelmates Teen Flirt and Adrian Be. The “Awake” remixes bend genres from drum ‘n’ bass to electro-R&B, guaranteeing something for every occasion.

All of the new versions stay true to the integrity of the original and its echoing, ethereal vocals and snappy synths. But the new edits are infused with just enough of each producer’s unique touch to make them all worthwhile. Teen Flirt and Lost Twin’s re-imaginings both take the song to some of its sexiest slow jam heights, creating an ideal soundtrack to a late night by the pool with cocktails. Meanwhile, the BSN Posse track kicks the song’s intensity up a notch with skittering drum kicks and pulsating bass.

Awwz and Teen Flirt have a lot of the same sensibilities in their approach to sensual mood music, and we’d love to see the two labelmates collaborate on further remixes or even a joint project together. In the meantime, enjoy “Awake” and its four remixes while we anticipate Awwz’s appearance at this year’s Waco Music Festival in Mexico this October.