Awwz Experiments With Cyber Space And Dreamy Imagery in “Awake”

There’s something inherently abstract about Twitter, Facebook, and being online in general. We plug into the system to access all of the world’s information, ancient art at a finger’s touch, and dog videos in an instant — while not moving any part of our bodies besides our fingers to make it happen. Scrolling through the web has become reflexive, and that’s why it’s so easy to find ourselves daydreaming and spacing out while doing it. In that sense, sometimes modern life is more like a dream. Barcelona-based electronic producer Awwz explores some of these heady questions in his video for the track “Awake.”

“Awake” doesn’t steer far from what we’re already used to when it comes to Awwz’s music. Snap drums, celestial synth chords, and low-key but soulful vocals make for a dreamy track perfect for letting your mind wander. Like fellow Finesse Records artist Teen Flirt, the beatmaker knows a thing or two about making sensual, groove-conscious music that looks skyward.

The video, directed by Eloi Colom, is a mixture of surreal imagery and scenes in vivid color. It’s trippy shit to begin with, since we’re talking about a clip featuring a headless breakdancer after all. The description for it on Vimeo says that the video represents the line that divides dreams so strong they can’t be unseen and dreams that defy categorization by becoming reality. If you visit, you can interact with the video through your device’s camera. In addition to the trippy visuals, you’ll be able to add different filters and effects to the scenes with the movement of your hands. The video directly involves you in the viewing experience, further questioning your lucidity while engaging you as a listener more profoundly.