Ayer Amarillo Turn Their Newfound Psychedelic Sound Into Images In “Vértigo”

On the music video for “Vértigo,” the second single off their upcoming debut album Sueño Delta, the guys from Ayer Amarillo turn their newfound psychedelic sound into images quite accurately. Directed by Jonathan Meléndez, this is chroma key goodness. The green screen where the band was recorded performing in front of is here replaced by trippy images and shapes, with a color palette and treatment that compliments the song perfectly. The visuals are precisely what the song represents: ’70s psych rock meets ’90s Mexican pop/rock, where the organ, tremolo effects, and those Pink Floyd-esque half-tempo breaks are key.

There are still a couple of hours left to help Ayer Amarillo fund their album in exchange of goodies. To do this, go to Fondeadora, we’re sure they’ll treasure your support forever.