Balancer Make Video Debut With Tender Clip for “Re Minder”

Balancer’s first video is as soft, nice and polished as the music they make. “Re Minder” is a song about letting your imagination flow, and the video follows the story of a youngster going to weird places with a map.

The kid isn’t searching for big adventures; he’s more introspective, visiting places just for the sake of being there. The pursuit of that emotional state seems to carry him to a deeper meaning, one bigger than what any cheap thrill can provide. The journey is – of course – well-accompanied by the band’s natural tenderness.

If after watching (and reading) this you wonder how the band translates this feeling in their live show, be sure it will be a pleasant experience. You can catch them live in Brooklyn during LAMC week. Their show will be on Thursday July 9 and they will be joined by Parrot Dream, Sokio (DJ set) and Riobamba (DJ set). Check out our event guide for more details.