Banda Uó’s Clip For “É Da Rádio?” Is a Rowdy Pop Anthem for the Internet Generation

Banda Uó follows the tradition of many LGBTIQ-oriented bands that have appeared in Brazil. In the clip for “É Da Rádio?” the trio offer the perfect cultural product for a generation raised on the Internet. It’s the kind of colorful, loud, and suggestive video parents have historically asked their children not to watch.

The song title refers to the way some viral jokes start with “Hello, is this the radio?” You’ve probably heard the Spanish version; it’s a kid calling in to the radio asking for a song with an absurd name and then the radio programmer finding just the right track (try your Portuguese with this example).

In the clip, Banda Uó are joined by gay and trans personnalités like actor Eraldo Fontiny – who plays the hilarious character of a girl known as Lili – and famous drag queen/trans star Striperella Über, which makes it a fully referential pop anthem.

This song is part of Veneno, the 13-track LP they released on September 4. Stream the album below: