“Wacky Voz” Is a Baile Funk Mutant Spawned by Banginclude and DJ Comrade

Lead Photo: Photos by Farahsosa
Photos by Farahsosa
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New York City’s Banginclude and veteran DJ Comrade join forces for the baile funk-meets-Jersey club mutant “Wacky Voz.” The collaboration is one of the tracks on the duo’s upcoming To The Floor EP, which includes originals and remixes of songs by artists like cult Internet rapper MC Bin Laden. Off-kilter and filtered synths dominate “Wacky Voz,” deftly chopped against the beat, giving the song an 8-bit touch.

DJ Comrade
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A female vocal sample is also liberally sprinkled throughout the track, and when both these elements are combined with the song’s baile funk foundation, a tremendous DJ weapon is the result. This track helps the duo kick off 2016 in a big way, following a 2015 filled with key cosigns from the likes of Enchufada and Fania Records. DJ Comrade excels in a manner commensurate to his high level of underground-to-mainstream acclaim. This one is sure to make everything from vogue balls to global bass raves pop off.