Barcelona’s Newest Producer on the Block Awwz Makes Weightless, Synthetic R&B

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Née: Gemma
Raíces: The ethereal end of the Barcelona club scene.
Sounds like: Emotional sensousness.
You should listen to Awws…If you like your instrumental R&B packed with seduction.


Behind the Awwz moniker hides a shadowy Barcelonan producer who goes by the name Gemma. She has already had shows in important places in and out of Spain. But, who is this girl? Well, bad news: we don’t really have the answer. What we have is her sole release to date, a two-track EP called GALS, just put out through American bass music label Freshmore.

The EP only features one original song, also titled “GALS,” and that kind of feels like a hint of the femininity and delicacy that surrounds the entire track. This is the only internet reference we have from her so far, and what she is giving us is a sensuous take on instrumental R&B, very current, that melts like butter in your ears. Her music sounds weightless, with synthetic textures floating all around, and subtle programming. And even though this music is sexy, it has an element of nostalgia brought by the chord progression and the melodic content.

Freshmore label boss Sines completes the EP with a trap-meets-jungle remix of “GALS” that keeps a lot of the original elements. But there’s no doubt the focus is on Awwz version, and even if it doesn’t sound like she’s doing anything terribly original, there’s taste in her music, and she’s definitely entered our radar.