Barrio Lindo Sketches Nighttime Desert Soundscapes on His ‘Kayak Break’ EP

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Kayak BreakZZK alum Barrio Lindo‘s latest EP, offers a site-specific sound, created during his two-month art residency at the VAR program in Sausalito, California.

With Kayak Break, the producer also known as Agustin Rivaldo bridges the digital gap from his previous releases as an analog instrument maker. The result is a meditative, ambient four-track response to his temporary environment, communicating a vastness that brings to mind the timeless feel of Bardu’s Gruta release and links minimalistic digital renderings in response to their natural surroundings.

Kayak Break keeps us close to Rivaldo’s home practice, as he loops in samples built from his self-recorded sound library. “Fogust,” backed by drum pads and bells, lends an introduction to the sound, while “Sausalito fullmoon” and “Milong” feel like the soundtrack to a nighttime desert journey, bass-heavy and inching along with precise steps. “Nubes” teeters on the edge of minimalist techno, with a calming melody driving the track along.

Kayak Break arrives via the new collective Shika Shika, a cooperative record label facilitating collaborations between musicians, designers, videographers, product designers, and more.