Barrio Lindo and Lulacruza’s “Otoño Primavera” is a Featherlight March of Andean Flutes

Lead Photo: Artwork by Volcán
Artwork by Volcán
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Argentine producer Barrio Lindo (aka Agustín Rivaldo) is ready to release the follow-up to Menoko, his 2014 debut album. Set for a digital drop on April 6, Albura also marks the first physical release for Shika Shika, the label and collective he co-founded alongside English beatmaker El Búho back in 2015.

On Albura, Barrio Lindo echoes the collective’s organic electronic aesthetic, repurposing the sounds of Latin American folklore for today’s electronic universe. The album title is a nod to Rivaldo’s expertise as a luthier, or creator of stringed instruments. “Albura” refers to the youngest growth rings of tree bark – an essential resource for luthiers. This record features compositions with charangos, guitars, and quenas that Rivaldo built himself.

Albura also functions as a platform to showcase some of the Latin American artists he’s shared creative visions with in the past few months. Guest spots include Ela Minus, Carrot Green, Jhon Montoya, and Wende Wen, as well as Colombian-Argentine duo Lulacruza, with whom he created “Otoño Primavera,” a track we’re excited to premiere exclusively here on Remezcla.

As soon as the opening chant hits, “Otoño Primavera” dazzles with beauty. Lulacruza’s Alejandra Ortiz steals the spotlight with her featherless voice, trading lead melodies with Andean flutes that, backed by snare rolls, create a carnivalesque illusion. Despite having all the dynamic elements of a great dance track, the sonic palette generates a sense of intimacy, like a small gathering between old friends.

Barrio Lindo’s fascination with Lulacruza is longstanding. “I wanted to collaborate with them because I really enjoy their work…I started [‘Otoño Primavera’] alone, then it was continued by them, and later we developed it together for a while,” Rivaldo explains. “I’ve known Lulacruza for years; even though they started their journey a long while ago, amongst the artists from the South American scene, they particularly inspire me. [Their sound is] deep and sincere.”

Barrio Lindo’s Albura is out April 6 on Shika Shika.