Basher Reps Izcalli Trap on His Icy ‘Temptations EP’

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You might be surprised to learn that the genius behind Basher’s sensual sounds is 19-year-old Mike Gutiérrez. Hailing from Cuautitlán Izcalli, Mexico, Basher’s chill trap sound is what he refers to as “babymaking music,” which is hard to argue with after listening to his new Temptations EP.

It’s the first release from the Lotus Netlabel, a five-track, dreamy excursion that contains three original songs and two remixes. Comprised primarily of sparse, smooth grooves and occasional vocal samples (The Temptations, fittingly, are referenced on both “No More TV” and “Temptations”), the set is a quality introduction to the young beatmaker’s sound. It’s the kind of music that pairs well with the sound of rain, getting you in the right mindset before work or after a long night of partying.

SSenSorial crew affiliate Phynx and Finesse Records’ Red Bro deliver remixes of the title track. While Phynx’s mix is a welcome elaboration of the original track’s vibes, Red Bro completely flips it added vocals: “Bounce if you want to, lounge if you want to, do what you got to as long as you stay true to.” They’re the perfect instructions for how to listen to Basher’s excellent first offering.