On Remix Album, Nicola Cruz, BSN Posse, and More Breathe New Life into beGun’s ‘Amma’

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A few weeks ago we reported beGun’s plans to release a remixed version of his album AMMA, one of our favorites of 2016. AMMA RMXD is finally here, so we can enjoy each of the reinterpretations from producers across the globe.

Among the artists summoned for AMMA RMXD are Applescal, Sau Poler, Bep Kororoti, and Julio Victoria. These artists highlighted the club-ready qualities of beGun’s work, mostly by playing within the boundaries of house music and techno. Reykjaviv606, on the other hand, took a bigger risk by transforming album opener “YOKO” into an FX-soaked trip-hop number shrouded in a dark blanket of mystery.

Malaga duo BSN Posse did what they do best by transforming “ASILAH” into a nervous explosion of footwork, marking one of the album’s standout moments. Another track to write home about is Nicola Cruz’s Afro-house-inspired version of “MOBASI PT.1,” one of the few reimaginings to take full advantage of the West African kalimba rhythms found on AMMA.

Two of the songs on AMMA RMXD are also found on beGun’s debut, but here they are expanded with added vocals from guest artists. “LIBOK”’s electronic bleeps and moving landscapes intensify with the vocals of Norwegian singer Kate Havnevik and the layered promise of  lines like “I’m gonna visit you.” Elsewhere, We Are Enfant Terrible’s reverbed vocals add a similar effect on “KELLE.” The album ends with ludic new track “NAMIBE,” an expansive composition that wouldn’t have felt out of place on AMMA at all.

While not every remix in this collection was compelling enough to catch our attention, they’re all bathed with the luminous essence of beGun’s original music, and that alone makes them something special.

AMMA RMXD is out now on Foehn Records.