beGun Blends Soaring Synths With Kalimba Rhythms on “Nari”

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Two weeks ago, Gunsal Moreno (aka beGun) released his brand new EP Dora, a work that resumes his musical journey around the world. This time around, he travels to Africa, grabbing elements from the continent’s folk rhythms and applying them to his own signature style. “Nari” is the first track on the EP, and it paints a mesmerizing sonic landscape that will bring the dance floor to tears. Starting with what resembles kalimba plucks and samples of African chants, the song builds until gigantic synth washes and reverbed waves of sound make hearts soar. With delicate grandeur, “Nari” encapsulates what music can do best: capture emotional moments in sweeping strokes.

Dora is out now on Foehn Records.