Meet Belize: Feel-Good Tropical Vibes from Pamplona

In the northern city of Pamplona, Navarra there’s a vibrant indie scene with many bands to look for, El Columpio Asesino being one of the biggest names that’s come out of there. Indie dance-rock band Pete Bombastic is also a part of the city’s musical history and Belize’s (not the country) history as well.

Ángel Fuertes and Ignacio “Tasio” Meléndez were part of Pete Bombastic from 2008 to 2011—when they disbanded—but later gathered to create a new project. In 2013 they started writing simple songs with only a guitar and later they brought in Ángel’s sister Ana Fuertes and other collaborators in an attempt to create a more whole sound (i.e. the Belize sound).

Their name, videos, and music suggest they have a thing for tropical landscapes and that is one of their most relevant qualities. When hearing the intro for their most recent single, “Tik’al,” you can imagine the tide rising at the shore or picture the foliage while walking through a jungle. The movement and the sound in “Tik’al” show how Belizeperfectly mixes the acoustic and the electronic while keeping a feel-good air in their songs. It’s music to celebrate life.

The 2014-released “Ritmos” shows how natural and cohesive their concepts can get. It also shows how they’re not afraid of mixing lyrics in Spanish and English, as long as it offers a good melody.

Belize have grown a lot in the last couple of years. They are now a six-piece band and this spring we’ll get their first LP, one that will showcase their knack for tropical sounds and their hidden charms.