beGun’s “Mobasi, Pt. 2” Gets a Thumping House Remix From Spain’s Bep Kororoti

Lead Photo: Courtesy of beGun
Courtesy of beGun
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There’s no wonder why beGun’s debut album AMMA landed on our Best Albums of 2016 list – every second of its cinematic instrumental pieces, inspired by African percussion, made the long wait for its release worthwhile. To celebrate the big splash it has made on audiences and critics alike, the Catalan artist is releasing a remix version of the album, suitably titled AMMA RMXD. He tapped a slew of producers from the electronic world, like Nicola Cruz, BSN Posse, and Pommez Internacional, to reinterpret each song on the full-length, and also included a version of “KELLE” featuring French outfit We Are Enfant Terrible.

Out of its 12 tracks, “Mobasi, Pt. 2” is one of the most straightforward dance numbers on AMMA, and seasoned Asturian producer Kresy – using his Bep Kororoti moniker here – wanted to retain that quality on his remix, which we’re premiering today on Remezcla. On the surface, it doesn’t sound too far removed from the original song, sharing a four-on-the-floor beat, but it manages to shine in its own right. He reworks the moody chord progression and driving melody, transforming “Mobasi, Pt. 2” into a more mysterious affair. Surprisingly, it’s not the rhythm that moves you forward, or that bouncy bass line, but the filter sweeps and dynamic flow of elements.

AMMA RMXD is out January 20 through Foehn Records.