BFlecha Communicates With Trees and Hops Dimensions in New “Zigurat” Video

Since her acclaimed debut album βeta, BFlecha‘s musical and visual output has drawn on space, sci-fi, and alternative realities as narrative vehicles of choice. These elements are present all over “Rutas Circulares,” the debut single off her forthcoming sophomore album, Kwalia, set to drop on April 21 via her own Arkestra Discos imprint. But they reach impressive new heights in the music video for her new single, “Zigurat,” a visual journey through esotericism and futurism.

Directed by Gabriel Tineo, the video is set in a stunning natural landscape where Belén Vidal, BFlecha herself, stars as a martial arts-skilled explorer. Looking like a cross between a Jedi and New Age healer, she can communicate with plants and jump from one reality to the next by using a mystical rock, which ultimately changes its shape into what we recognize as the figure found on the album artwork.

In the course of the video, she gets a valuable piece of advice from a tree, which laments that our civilization doesn’t have time to dream, noting that human life can become complete only through the fusion of dreams and reality. Shortly afterwards, she finds herself riding a cool-as-hell BMW bike, right before bumping into two old ladies who, using sign language, talk about time and space in a cryptic way that would make David Lynch proud.

The song itself complements the story, with lyrics that reference the massive ancient Mesopotamian temples that “Zigurat” draws its name from, and a hip-hop-inspired beat embellished with dazzling synths. Altogether, it conjures an outstanding electro-pop moment.

Escapism has been a running theme throughout BFlecha’s work, but there’s something earthly and human about the added elements found in this video that suggests these alternative realities might reside within ourselves – or be accessed through simply changing our perspectives.

You can reflect on that while blasting this awfully good track.