The Guadaloops’ Side Project Bicho Blanco Delivers Sonic Honey With “Colibrí”

Lead Photo: Photo by Orlando González
Photo by Orlando González
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One of the most forward-thinking groups hustling in Mexico’s hip-hop/R&B universe is The Guadaloops. 2016 has been another year of growth and good fortune for the crew, and 2017 looks like it will even bigger. But that success didn’t stop members Ferdinand González and Bernardo Pérez from exploring a new musical direction as Bicho Blanco.

The first track from the project is a little piece of heaven. “Colibrí” pulses gently while melodic marimbas float over the track and falsetto vocals take over. The song is groovy, a bit twee, and fiercely sentimental; it’s layered and intricate, but there are enough moments that could make the track ideal for pop radio. The duo preserves an element of surprise, taking subtle left turns without losing their songwriting focus. It’s sweet, joyful, and just a bit melancholy.

This blend of wide-eyed hooks and nature-focused lyrics is idyllic, especially in a year that brought us Solange’s A Seat At The Table, Frank Ocean’s Blonde, and Blood Orange’s Freetown Sound. The future is now and it’s honey-sweet.

Keep an eye out for three EPs from Bicho Blanco in 2017, and if you’re in Mexico, catch the duo at NWLA’s two-day bash in Guadalajara on December 16 and 17. For more information, click here.