Jazz-Pop and Machine-Gun Bass Join Forces in MATE’s Remix of Bluée’s “Ventana”

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Earlier this year, Mexican producer Impvlso shared a song called “Ventana.” It’s the first release from a brand new project called Bluée. To our surprise, it doesn’t feature any electronic beats, and actually turned out to be quite the opposite: the song is a completely acoustic jazz-pop number with powerful female vocals, channeling the work of artists like Kings of Convenience.

But now the time has come to bring back the electronic beats. Bluée reached out to fellow Mexican producers like MATE and Fonobisa to reinterpret “Ventana” for a new EP called Ventana B-Side. MATE, also known as Mama Testa, retained the jazzy vibe of the original song, but layered a bass-heavy machine-gun beat that takes the track straight to a dark dance floor. It’s a fun, bouncy, and unexpected re-imagination of the best variety. The scatting feels a little overwhelming in this context, but the gentle sax lines and double bass plucks manage to soften and balance the heaviness of the beat.