Bodega Bamz and Yoga Fire Made a Video in Tepito, Mexico City’s “Barrio Bravo”

Bodega Bamz‘s latest video, “The Plug Pt. 2” takes him to the heart of Mexico City’s Tepito market. He tells Billboard, “We shot there because we want to show Mexico for real. We could’ve just shot some scenes at our hotel or tourist attraction but how real would that be? I said take me to where it’s real at.” Filmed within a day in a collaboration with director Michael Paxarino and produced by V’Don, the Tan Boys affiliate and chancleta-wearing king of Uptown kept to the strict schedule between takes in the luchador ring, throughout the market stalls, and on-stage.

In the same interview, Bamz said, “I’ve always been a fan of wrestling. Being in Mexico and seeing how rich the culture is with wrestling and boxing, I had to get luchadores in the video – it’s only right. These guys are heroes in their hometown. It’s only right I show my appreciation to the culture and support.”

Bamz has previously repped his roots through his collaboration with the Martinez Brothers, “Going to D.R.,” and “Latinos Pt. 2” with Joell Ortiz and !llmind released just before the Puerto Rican pride parade. Embracing the fluidity of latinidad, catch him in the video wearing a Mexican flag on-stage.

Catch Bodega Bamz live in NYC on July 23rd at Best Buy Theatre with A$AP Rocky, Vic Mensa, and Remy Banks.