Bodega BAMZ Previews Long-Awaited Debut Album ‘Sidewalk Exec’ with New Single

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Got everybody yellin’ BODEGA. BODEGA. BODEGAAAA.

Bodega BAMZ has dropped a new single, “El-Rey,” and announced that his long-awaited debut album is close to release. In the MTV Exclusive, BAMZ elaborates on the concept of the album, titled Sidewalk Exec, noting many rappers have presented the story from a hustler’s perspective while he’s planning to show a different view of the game– that of the supplier, the connect, the Papi.

“I want to be that dude that brung that story in the game, because I’m a Spanish dude, I’m Latin, in the hood they call me Papi. So I’m the connect in this rap game, anything you need I’m going to give it to you,” he explained to MTV. “So, that’s the whole Sidewalk Exec thing.”