Bolivia’s Paceña Tropical Gives El Remolón a Bouncy Update With “El Preferido (Paceña Tropical Remix)”

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Giving new life to El Remolón‘s trippy 2014 release Selva, the Cabeza! netlabel has called on the likes of Qechuaboi, Luvclap, Superpendejos, and Al Lindrom for remixes of the electro-chicha track “El Preferido.”

La Paz’s Paceña Tropical of Villa Victoria Sound System stands out from the pack with a bouncy edit that flirts with breaking out into a full club track, but opts to keep the sound minimalist and self-contained. Integrating Jersey Club bed squeak samples and “ha” samples from the ballroom catalog, Paceña Tropical plays with Internet-fluid references without committing too much in one direction or another.