Bomba Estéreo Bring Cumbia and Champeta to Remix of Arcade Fire’s “Everything Now”

Lead Photo: Bomba Estéreo. Courtesy of Sony Music
Bomba Estéreo. Courtesy of Sony Music
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The Latino/mainstream collaborations keep coming—only this time, we have a partnership struck up in the indie rock world. Arcade Fire just released the Bomba Estéreo remix of their hit “Everything Now,” which the Colombian duo has reconfigured into a fusion of dance, champeta, cumbia and electronica. The song gets an updated chorus en español—chants of “es todo ya” come midway through—and a surprise rapid-fire freestyle from Bomba Estéreo’s Li Saumet.

“When Win [Butler] suggested a couple of tracks from Arcade Fire’s album to remix, we chose ‘Everything Now’ as we loved the vibe of the song and what it means for these crazy times we’re living in. It’s very close conceptually to some of our songs on our new album Ayo, such as a ‘Money’ and ‘Siembra,’ ” Bomba Estéreo’s Simon Mejia said in an email.

Bomba Estéreo tapped Ayo producer Chris Castagno for the track, which also features a woodwind section performed by gaita flute players Los Gaiteros de Ovejas, for an added touch of Colombian folk. Mejia explained that the band envisioned the remix blending electronic cumbia and champeta influences, which can be heard in a riff played by guitarist Jose Castillo on the track.

“These are the two genres we’ve been playing and having fun with throughout the history of Bomba Estéreo. And that is what we achieved with the Arcade Fire remix—a blend between the original funky/electro/disco vibe of the track and our electro tropical style,” Mejia said.

Bomba Estéreo and Arcade Fire are currently wrapping up a tour they started together last summer, and recently invited the gaita musicians from the new track to join them onstage in Bogotá. Check out footage from the show below.


Posted by BOMBA ESTEREO on Wednesday, December 6, 2017