Bomba Estéreo’s “Soy Yo” Video is an Ode to Little Brown Girls Everywhere

Just when we thought we couldn’t like Bomba Estéreo more, the Colombian electro-cumbia outfit has dropped maybe the most charming video we’ve seen all summer – a swaggier version of Little Miss Sunshine. Prepare to have this on replay for a minute.

Set to “Soy Yo” off the band’s 2015 release Amanecer, the video follows one adorable little girl’s journey through the mean streets of New York. The pint-sized heroine is precocious and plucky as she encounters challenges that would knock anyone’s confidence down a couple notches. She’s on the receiving end of a whole lot of stares and side-eye around the block, but luckily, she just got a fresh cut and she’s not letting any haters bring her down. Plus, she’s hiding some serious recorder-playing skills and killer dance moves.

The video, helmed by Danish director Torben Kjelstrup, underscores lyrics in “Soy Yo” that are all about self-love and positivity — a message Bomba Estéreo singer and frontwoman Liliana Saumet says the band is all about (“Y no te preocupes/ Si no te aprueban/ Cuando te critiquen/ Tu solo di/’Soy yo,’” the chorus goes). While this could have easily turned into a cheesy PSA on self-esteem, Bomba Estéreo pulls both the song and video off without getting too preachy.

“Really, there is a lot of bullying and lots of discrimination — both racial and social — so the message was a good one: To encourage people to be who they are and to be happy with themselves without being exactly what society tells you to be,” Saumet told us in an interview.

If you’ve seen Bomba Estéreo’s live show, you might be familiar with Saumet’s own ultra-confident — and often raucous — onstage persona. The singer-songwriter says a few family members even saw similarities between her and the video’s star. “She’s funnier and more unique than me,” Saumet laughs at the comparison.

She adds that the video isn’t just about self-expression; she’s glad it’s also packing a strong, empowering message for women around the world. When the little girl encounters some older boys in a dance battle, she doesn’t back down. Immune to intimidation, she fights back, like a boss.

“I love that she’s a little girl, and that shows off this side about women — how women can love and value themselves with all of their flaws, since society can be especially harsh toward them,” Saumet said.

Bomba Estéreo is still riding high after the success of Amanecer, a lesson in Afro-Caribbean bass that’s still thudding in venues across the world. They just wrapped up a tour through Europe and are preparing to take on the U.S. yet again this fall (see dates below). Can they please bring the little girl in the video with them?

Check out Bomba Estéreo’s upcoming tour dates below:

September 13 – Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom
September 14 – Seattle, WA – Neptune Theatre
September 16 – Victoria, BC – Rifflandia Festival
September 24 – Las Vegas, NV – Life is Beautiful Festival
October 1 – Austin, TX – Austin City Limits Festival
October 3 – San Francisco, CA – The Independent (SOLD OUT)
October 4 – San Francisco, CA – The Independent
October 6 – Los Angeles, CA – El Rey Theatre
October 8 – Austin, TX – Austin City Limits Festival
October 14 – Buenos Aires, Argentina – BUE Festival
October 15 – Quito, Ecuador – Nova Sonica Festival
October 22 – Guadalajara, Mexico – Festival Coordenada