Bomba Estereo’s “Somos Dos” Video Chronicles a Tropical Romance in Paradise

At Bomba Estéreo‘s live show in New York last week, “Somos Dos” – from their recently released album Amanecer – was one of the biggest dance numbers of the night. Liliana Saumet‘s explosively romantic lyrics matched the pop song’s booming beat and provided a reason to dance a little closer to your partner – or whomever. In the just-released and beautifully shot video for the track, the song takes on a more meditative dimension.

Saumet carries on a carefree romance with a hunky surfer (her real-life fiancé) and does yoga on the beach. Bassist and producer Simón Mejía also makes a cameo or two. The scene echoes her lyrics, but adds some new layers to Saumet’s message. As the singer plays with her lover in the waves and releases an offering on a raft of palm fronds, the romantic and the spiritual flow together as naturally as water.

While the lyrics celebrate a romantic relationship between two people, the video doubles as a love poem to Saumet’s hometown of Santa Marta. It was shot near Santa Marta in Tayrona National Park and features the coastal town’s people and Caribbean landscape with warmth and intimate affection. Saumet says it was shot there because that’s where the real-life love story she is singing about took place. She also says, “I like to involve my city in my music because I feel they are one.”

It could also be taken as a pretty excellent fashion film, given the heavy product placement of Saumet’s Soy Banana Girl line of tropical print, vintage-cut bikinis. We have it on good authority that she’s bringing out a new collection soon, and we’re not mad. That is some cute beachwear.