Bomba Estereo and Will Smith Rave On in the “Fiesta (Remix)” Video

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There’s a Colombian term for that friend who milks a party to its very last drop: raspa rumbas. Everyone else has gone home and called it a night, but los raspa rumbas stick around ’till the night is drained down to the dregs.  It may have been this very itch that propelled Will Smith back into the studio after a 10 year hiatus, to jump on Bomba Estéreo‘s remix for “Fiesta.”

And in the new video for the year’s most unlikely collab, the “Fiesta” remix becomes the raspa rumbas’ call to action for all the people who start fading at a party. Filmed in Los Angeles and directed by Carlos Perez, the video is set in a drab warehouse filled with languorous, body-painted partiers. Once the track starts blaring through the speakers, though, it’s enough to lift the crowd back into some serious cadereo (presided over by Li Saumet in her carnaval finest).

Despite his limited Spanish, Big Willie’s feeling himself in this video, exclusively on Apple Music.