Boogat Moves Beyond the Dance Floor in the Gritty and Powerful “El Lobo” Video

Lead Photo: Photo by Carlos War

The Boogat experience is usually a non-stop party, and “El Lobo” fully meets those expectations. But even the best party can’t shield you from the harshness of life sometimes. In his new video, he seizes the opportunity to explore that cruelty and give depth to his artistic vision beyond the dance floor. Its digital-batucada-meets-dancehall stomp is danceable enough, but the visuals highlight conflict in a light that gives Boogat a new dimension.

Shot by Argentine director Santiago Dulce in São Paulo, the video is a gritty portrayal of a man with wolf-like instincts and the poor soul who tried messing with him. There’s plenty of violence and symbolism embedded in detailed allegories for David and Goliath-like battles, perhaps a portrait of the massive wealth gaps found in Latin America’s urban centers. Dulce pays attention to small details, moving beyond the surface of what’s depicted onscreen.

“El Lobo” demonstrates that there’s more to Boogat than just a good time.